AntiSocial Solutions

We’ve been having fun working with the team at AntiSocial Media Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in Yaletown. Since they specialize in creating digital content (video and photography) for social media and online advertising, they’ve asked for our help with the printing.

Recently, we printed a huge stack of new business cards for their growing team, using their black-and-white style complimented with an all-black logo with a matte and gloss finish.

We’ve also printed little pamphlets of their marketing services and booklets for new clients. With their office setup always changing, we also printed flippable desk signs that let guests know what department they’re in. We’ve also collaborated with them to handle their clients’ printing needs.

Last month we made some signage, stickers and other promo printouts for KnowShow, the largest apparel and lifestyle tradeshow in Western Canada. AntiSocial was the official marketing sponsor and also gave a few workshops to help fashion brands with their marketing.